Semi Alternative Fun Day Playlist

The most highly anticipated day at Skidmore is quickly approaching. As Fun Day looms in the distance—anxiety inducing for some, exciting for others—there’s a lot to think about. How are you possibly going to finish your bio lab report that’s due on Monday? Is it going to be warm enough to wear knee high gladiator sandals? What about flower crowns? Are those in or out right now? Are you going to get to talk to your crush on the bouncy castle?

You Can Do This: the Playlist

This time of the semseter is almost always a slump for me. It's often hard to come back from spring break, especially if you've been somewhere warm, and the second half of the spring semester is usually an anxiety induced "oh god i have to pass my finals and get a summer job/internship and it's somehow still snowing" mess. I've said it before and I'll say it again, though--music is one of the best ways to boost your mood and get you through what can be a tough time.

Spring Break Staycation Necessities

I am the Queen of spending Spring Break at home. Seriously, save the semester I was abroad, I’ve spent every single Spring Break week chilling at my house on Long Island, while all my friends were away on tropical islands, or skiing, or having the time of their lives in Disney World and Europe. And, honestly, I don’t hate it. I’m a big fan of Spring Break at home, and I truly think you can have just as good a time at home as you could in Barbados.

Ten Thoughts I Had During My Super Bowl Party

This year I had my first ever Super Bowl event. I won’t even call it a Super Bowl party, because the premise of it was actually to hang out and not watch the game, and while we ended up having the game on in the background to keep track of the score and Lady Gaga, my party was truly focused on food, beer, and Cards Against Humanity. This wasn’t just my first Super Bowl party, though—it was the first time I’d ever hosted a party on my own, without my housemates. I was terrified.

Best Sunglasses for the Winter

The thing about winter is that it might actually be the sunniest season. Like, I know we’re closer to the sun in the summer and there are more sunny days numerically, but I swear the sun is stronger in the winter when it bounces off the endless snow and hits me straight in the eyes. Despite this, I feel like people don’t wear sunglasses in the winter as much as they do in the summer—in fact, I often feel judged when I walk around campus wearing sunglasses in February.

Advice for Disconnecting

Life has been a lot lately. With recent political events, the dreading sense that we’re rushing toward WWIII, the realization that graduation is looming over my head, and personal issues, it’s been pretty easy to overwhelm me lately. Despite the amount of homework I already have to do, (seriously though? I’m a second semester senior. I thought this was supposed to be easy) I still consider it incredibly important to save time for decompressing and loitering.

Favorite Albums of 2016

I don't really have an excuse or a reason for my prolonged absence from my own blog - school work, my capstone, writer's block, not really caring, no one really reading - and I don't really feel that I need to explain myself, but I do want to come back. I hadn't really had any ideas for posts until just about 20 minutes ago, sitting on my bed watching the ten thousand "best beauty products of 2016" videos that had popped up in my Youtube subscription box.

Home for the Holidays Playlist

No matter where you're going this winter break, or how you're getting there, there's a pretty strong chance you'll have a lot of time to listen to music while travelling. I, for one, have a 4 hour drive home by myself, and I think I'll go crazy if I don't have music blasting the whole time. I'm probably going to just throw a Spotify playlsit on shuffle, because I'm terrible at curating long playlists, but I thought I'd put together a short one as well.

10 TV Shows to Marathon Over Break

Is winter break made for anything other than sitting on the couch and watching Netflix all day? Probably not, let's be real here. For your viewing pleasure, and for my finals-procrastionation-pleasure, I've compiled a list of the ten best TV shows to marathon watch this break, all available on Netflix. I picked shows that keep you going from one episode to the next-shows that are literally made for marathoning. Sorry about your break.
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